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May 18, 2017

Do You Qualify for a Farm Water Rebate?

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If you are a WA farmer in dryland an agriculture zone receiving less than 600mm average rainfall could be eligible to receive a generous farm water rebate for developing and improving your on-farm water supplies. This is thanks to the $4.4 million Watering WA rebates scheme which started in October 1st.

Firstly your farm must be in the WA dryland agriculture zone as seen below:


If you meet the eligibility criteria for the Farm Water Supply Planning Scheme (FWSPS) you are in line to get a rebate towards the cost of a farm water auditor visiting your farm to carry out an audit.

After the audit and once your on-farm water supply improvement works have been carried out you could also then claim on the Farm Water Rebate Scheme (FWRS)


More information on whether you are eligible can be found here

A full list of approved auditors can be seen here:

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The following are some rebates the farmer can get around tanks/troughs with recommended Coerco Product models.



Maximum rebate

Maximum Claim per audit

Required specifications Suggested Coerco Products
Tanks $1700 (23-32kL) $10 000  • Tanks must be new  and connected to a  water source (roof,  bore, dam etc).
 • Must have measures  in place to restrict  inflow of debris.
 • Must be of  appropriate capacity.
 • Two smaller tanks  connected together  are  recommended in  place  of one large  enough for  security of  supply.
  JRR25000 • RT32000
$3000 (33-52kL)  • RT45000 Combo Tank   JRR50000
$3200 (53-72kL)   RT64000 Combo Tank
$3800 (73-92kL)   RLT90000 • Combinations      of Smaller Tanks
        $4000           (93-112kL)  • Combinations of Smaller         Tanks

        $4500          (113-122kL)

 • RLT120000  Combinations    of Smaller Tanks
        $4800          (123-145kL)  • Combinations of Smaller         Tanks
$6500 (>146kL)  • RLT150000  Combinations     of Smaller Tanks
Troughs $300 (<200L) $3 000  Troughs must be new  and fit for purpose.  • All Poly Stock Troughs         • Steel Frame Longline            Troughs: PT08W, PT21W,        PT21/32H, PT21/32L,              PT21/40H, PT21/40L,              PT21/50H, PT21/50L,              PT06W, PT06/32H,                  PT06/32L, PT06/40H,              PT06/40L, PT06/50H,              PT06/50L                                M Series Water Troughs:       PTM31W, PTM33W,               PTM34W
$400 (>201L)   All Super Troughs                  Steel Frame Longline             Troughs: PT18W,                   PT18/32H, PT18/32L,             PT18/40H, PT18/40L,             PT18/50H, PT18/50L,             PT16W, PT16/32H,                 PT16/32L, PT16/40H,             PT16/40L, PT16/50H,             PT16/50L                         M Series Water                      Trough PTM31W             All Ultratub Troughs        All Round Troughs with           Float Kits
Small tanks $800 (5-10kL)  • Capacity of tank  must be enough to  supply the dependent  stock for at least 5  days in the event of  source failure.
 • Tanks must be  connected to a  reliable water source  with the appropriate  diameter pipe.
  RT9000   RT9500
$1200 (11-16kL)   JRR10500    RT13500    JRR14000
$1250 (17-22kL)  
Cup & Saucer $1,300  Capacity of tank must  be enough to supply  the  dependant stock  for at  least 5 days in  the event  of source  failure.    All Poly Cup and Saucer         Tanks
Pumps $2,000 3 pumps  Pump must be fit for  purpose.   Pumps on Skids with Tanks    for Transporting Water

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For more information on the Farm Water Rebate Scheme – Rebate schedule please click here:

*Please note that the information given is here is for informational purposes only and that no guarantees are made concerning the accuracy, reliability and completeness of the information. For the latest information on the Farm Water Rebate Scheme please check here

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