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September 28, 2016

Liquid Fertiliser Advantages

Agriculture, Fertiliser Storage


There are plenty of advantages when using liquid fertiliser over granular, all of which equate to savings through more efficient and effective cropping.

In particular, the storage of liquid fertiliser is seen as a major plus. Compared with granules, liquid fertiliser remains stable in storage from one year to the next and it is dust free and noteffected by outside moisture. Not to mention that converting to liquid from granular could mean a reduction in costs with staff and equipment as you no longer need a spreading operator or the spreader. 

Using contractors can be costly and you risk them not being available when you need them. Liquid fertiliser can be applied through a boom sprayer which is generally already on the farm.

Also noted is that three tanks holding 150 tonnes of Liquid Fertiliser, one on the other side of a farm, is very cheap storage when compared to building a bunker to hold 150 tonnes of granular fertiliser which could cost up to three times as much. Combine this with the fact that often granular fertiliser is delivered at a busy time of the year and you need to be onsite with a front-end-loader to push it up where as liquid fertiliser companies will deliver without any additional equipment or personel being at the tank site.



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