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October 4, 2016

Superior Poly Liquid Fertiliser Storage Tanks

Agriculture, Fertiliser Storage

Coerco’s storage tank range for liquid fertiliser have been taken on and incorporated by leading brand liquid fertiliser producers and farmers alike. It is widely accepted that poly has totally revolutionised the farming and agricultural environment with poly tanks performing strongly and continuing to do so. With all Coerco product manufactured from the highest grade materials they are built to give the consumer confidence and guaranteed reliability.

Coerco liquid fertiliser storage tanks are offered in both 25,000ltr and 50,000ltr single tank units, each with a fully certified design and analysis certification. The 25,000ltr tanks are great for those with smaller cropping programs and for those with larger farms looking to place storage tanks in strategic locations. The big 50,000ltr tank is an ideal unit for bulk on farm storage of all liquid fertilisers.

All storage tanks come standard with 2” inlets and outlets however  3” upgrades are available to reduce filling times. Storage tanks are delivered ready for installation with the operator friendly features which are proven to be an efficient and productive asset to any sowing or spraying programme.



Coerco Liquid Fertiliser Storage Tanks Now with 15 Year Warranty