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June 16, 2017

Do you have a certified, devoted and professional Dewatering Partner?

Mining & Industrial


Coerco Your Dewatering Partner

When you are responsible for water management and dewatering you need a certified, devoted and professional dewatering partner - right? We at Coerco have identified this gap and are offering a complete service for companies looking for help with their projects from product design to construction, through to delivery Australia Wide.

Coerco is a Quality ISO9001 certified company which specialises in a broad range of modular floatation products. These products are professionally designed for those involved in dewatering and water management for in mining operations, general and civil construction, heavy industry, utilities and government organisations.

Give us a challenge - we are ready to deliver! 

Our extensive range of dewatering products are showcased below! Click on the images to see more.

Poly Bore Pump Pontoons.png

Heavy Duty Pontoons - Work Platforms.png

Floating Walkway.png

Donut Pontoon - suits suspended pump.png

Donut Pontoon with pump cradle.png

Modular Pump Pontoons.png

Hose Floats.png

Cable Floats.png
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